"Hydra Cell Bronze is like gold for your skin!"
Rob Smith, Fashion Executive, NY 

"I have used self tanners forever. This bronzer is great as I'm taking care of my skin and getting nice color at the same time. It's so incredible! Feels like I'm on vacation everyday!"
Gregoire Vogelsang, Artist Agent, NY

"I love the Hydra Bronze and can’t believe that I’m firming and hydrating my skin at the same time. I get natural color, firming, and hydration all in one product!"
Ali Von Zielinski, Actress, Miami

"My skin is extremely sensitive to most products. The Hydra Cell Bronze evens out my skin tone and gives my face a beautiful healthy glow without irritating my skin."
Bettina Shriver, Real Estate, NY

"Celeste’s products have truly changed my life. I’m prone to breakouts and my skin is always aggravated. It’s hard to find safe products that will calm and hydrate my skin and address the lines under my eyes. The Hydra Cell Booster combats my dryness which is a side-effect of my existing skin regimen. Cant travel without it! Never dry from the lack of humidity on planes. I recommend it to everyone that has tried everything."
Marie Parisi, Consultant, NY

"Celeste!!!!  WOW and Thank you! Just got my waters last week and can't believe the amazing feeling of smooth fresh beautiful bright skin.You are the humans best friend, the creator of magic. THANK YOU!"
Paula Tatschke, Mom, Vancouver

"I was fortunate enough to stumble upon your Hydra Cell bronzer this summer and now am completely hooked.Its by far the most refined I have ever used. It’s a miracle product!!"
Melissa Downing, Location Manager, LA

"The Hydra Cell bronzer is amazing.  It gives me that youthful dewy appearance that my skin had when I was in my 20’s. Because it's a spray it is very easy to use. As soon as I spray it on my skin feels firmer and hydrated.  I have combination skin. I love this because it's the perfect amount of moisture. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants beautiful skin."
Patrice Sandoval, Bank Manager, San Francisco,  CA

"I love the Hydra Cell Bronze spray.  It stays on through dance class and doesn’t cause breakouts. So easy to use!  Thanks Celeste!"
Kathy Moore, Professional Dancer, NY

"The way the Hydra Cell Booster plumps up my skin is incredible!
I can’t live without it and want to offer this special product to my hotel guests…"
Francoise Xavier Dussol, La Suite Hotel, Rio De Janeiro

"I’m hooked on the Hydra Cell Booster water. In the past I always used La Prarie or Sisley on my skin. My skin has never looked or felt better."
Claudia Reynal, Stylist, Buenos Aires

"Hi Celeste, Thank you for sending the Hydra Cell Booster waters.  I don't use anymore cream and I had very dry skin. It’s incredible how quickly you notice the difference. By the way my husband is using it too!! So I’ll be needing more soon! Muchos besos!"
Martu and Juan, Production,  Los Angeles

"Can’t live without your water!  I use it with my moisturizer and sunscreen. Please send 5 bottles ASAP!  Thanks so much Celeste…"
Christine D'I, TV Producer, Paris